"My soul’s mission is to guide you on your path to bring light into this world in your own beautiful and special way." 

Meet the Spiritual Boss Mom

Hear how Tiffany Cohen followed her true calling and became the Spiritual Boss Mom.


I was working my way up the corporate ladder from entry level position to a manager of my department. Super high stress and not how I pictured my life but I was DOING the damn thing. Coming in at 6:30 AM and leaving at 7 PM, busting my butt. I mean, I was killing it.

Then one argument altered my life's course. I mean, it was a lot of things building up to this one moment, but that altercation was my turning point. Literally working for “the man" was not in alignment with my soul.

So, I leapt into the best (and scariest) decision of my life; one that would alter the course of my journey to align with my soul’s purpose. I didn’t have a plan, but the universe did. I started a food blog.

The only skills I had to initially execute this blog was being able to cook and write (good start, right?). But I realized that I needed help in, like, basically every area of food blogging. I started consuming every single thing I could find...books, articles, YouTube videos. Then I found my first business/life coach and podcasts.

This forever changed me. 

As a full time working mom with a side hustle and huge dreams, I obtained the knowledge to help women with dreams on their heart go from non-existent businesses to getting on the map and start moving the needle.

I became a Spiritual Business Coach after being reminded of the spiritual woman that I am. Over time I stepped into my Goddess energy again. I became The Spiritual Boss Mom. And I had a purpose.


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My Favorite Things

I'm crystal obsessed!
Love how they bring me new energy and clarity.

my happy place!

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Starbucks fat free vanilla cappuccino with 2 shots (because #kids).

The love of my life, Andrew and my two little boys, Gavin and Nico.

My Favorite Things

The original inspiration for my food blog, Whatcha Cooking Good Looking

P.S. Isn't this whipped ricotta crostini TO DIE FOR?!


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Tarot cards. 
They are such a great practice to foster awareness in my spirit.

I love photography. I honed my skills when taking shots for my food blog.

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coconut LACROIX




night owl

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“Tiffany is such an amazing coach and mentor. She truly cares about my progress and wants me to succeed.”


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